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We provide real world assistance to keep you competitive in a rapidly changing business environment.

About Us

Sorensen Strategies is a global strategy and Business Consulting Services firm. We partner with businesses to identify and pursue new growth opportunities, build new and innovative capabilities, and define new products, services, and businesses.

Many of our ideas and concepts are implemented in start-ups, small businesses, and major corporations. As these organizations enter new markets, develop new products and services, we are at the vanguard. 

Sorensen Strategies continues to lead the way on growth and adaptive strategies, entrepreneurial & start-up opportunities, talent and leadership development, and the digital economy. We take pride in seeing our ideas successfully implemented.

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Regardless of your company’s name or size, you are at risk of being left behind or rendered obsolete. Overnight change is the new norm; global lines are blurring and new ideas for products and services are cropping up from the most unlikely sources and places. You must prepare today for the day after tomorrow. Sorensen Strategies is here to help you identify, plan and implement your best next moves.

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