The Company & Industry Challenge

New products, services, innovations, and breakthrough ideas are emerging from the most unlikely sources and places. A company’s discovery, research and development capabilities should no longer be limited to its employees and tightly controlled partnerships. Make the world your research and development organization.

The Entrepreneur’s and Startup Company’s Challenge

Production, distribution, operational, sales and marketing costs and capabilities can significantly burden or derail entrepreneurs and startup companies. Make the world’s companies your production, distribution, sales and marketing organizations.

About the company

Our Goal

Our goal is to connect the world’s companies and entrepreneurs/startups and expedite the introduction and adoption of innovative capabilities, products and services that make the world better.

Our Experience & Scope of Services

We use our multi-industry experience to successfully introduce both new and existing capabilities, products, services and innovations across industries.

We are a scout, advocate and agent for companies looking to invest, acquire or license new and emerging innovations and business opportunities.

We are an agent, mentor and advocate for entrepreneurs and startup companies seeking partnership opportunities.

We provide guidance, executive leadership, training and mentorship to entrepreneur and startup companies, directly or on behalf of Company or Venture Capital investors.

We contribute as Advisory Board leaders and Board members on Boards of Directors.

Each engagement and opportunity is unique. Our high-quality, experienced leaders operate from a world-view perspective. You will never suffer a cut-and-paste, cookie-cutter or canned approach.” ~  Karan Sorensen

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We Have Answers!

  • I want to sell my innovation to a large company: How do I find and access the right company?
  • How can my company find and access entrepreneurs, startups, and innovations outside our company, geography and industry?
  • My company is outside the United States. How do I expand into the US market or meet US companies?
  • What is crowd-funding and is it a viable funding option for my business?
  • My startup is ready for the next level of growth: Do we have the right leadership and experience to successfully move to the next level?
  • Merger, acquisition, licensing agreement, royalties, intellectual property ownership: What are my best options and why?
  • How do I find a coach or mentor to expedite my learning curve, gain access to significant experience, broker introductions and open doors, expand my business network, extend my reach globally, and gain access to leaders and decision makers?

Ask us your question and we’ll give you answers