Our Goal

We strive to help organizational leaders develop long and short-range solutions and behavioral changes focusing on management capabilities, strategic thinking, communication and influencing skills.

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Our Scope of Services

Moving into a responsible management position differs from being a competent worker. Being prepared for that step up in responsibility is a learned process that can be difficult and time-consuming. We help ease the transition by working with newly-promoted managers, as well as those executives looking to enhance their communication and leadership skills.

We are experienced business professionals, coaches and mentors with years of practical experience in the dynamics of helping executives improve in their roles.  We focus on business and leadership behaviors, and we provide a process that maximizes the harmony and synergy of a team, team leader, and a coach. Working together in this environment produces results far greater than the sum of its parts.

Some of the Skills Sets We Address:

    • One to One Executive Coaching - Intensive and specific career guidance that will make a significant difference to your working life.

    • Executive One-to-One Presentation Coaching - For vital presentations upon which the future of the company may depend, when standard presentation skills training is not enough.
    • Interview Skills Coaching - Learning how to conduct an interview to elicit the best information from an interviewee.
    • Key Person Coaching - To provide intensive support for individuals whose performance is vital to your company or organization.
    • Media Skills Coaching - How to interface with the media to convey your message - exactly as you want it.

    At Sorenesen Strategies, we assist with Leadership, Presentation Skills, Change Management, Promotions, Communication Skills, Relationship Issues and much much more.

    Who Benefits?

  • Executive teams seeking new direction

  • Sales teams

  • Global teams

  • High performance teams needing to stretch

  • High potentials

  • Newly appointed managers

  • Marketing and product development teams

  • Low performing teams needing a turn-around effort

The thing about a team is everyone wins, or no one wins ." Karan Sorensen

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