The Challenge

Customer and consumer needs and wants continuously change. Every business needs to innovate to remain competitive. New products and services are essential to sustain your business and are the best catalyst for growth.

About the company

Our Goal

Our goal is to fuel your creativity and help you create functional and corporate product and service development plans that align with your business goals, drive revenue, and deliver tangible growth opportunities for your business.

Our Scope of Services

New product development is essential to your continued growth, but it can be an arduous journey through a myriad of approval processes and layers of management. Often this hinders the development of an idea and can stifle creativity and enthusiasm from within.

Sorensen Strategies is passionate about helping you identify innovative and creative products and services to transform your business. Our creative Think-Tank (Imagine) process energizes and unites your team, challenges your thinking, and helps you to brainstorm, explore and generate new ideas, concepts and possibilities.

We partner with you to explore the varied approaches to developing your product or service. We use our multi-industry experience to successfully introduce new best practices, cross-industry lessons learned, market insights, and materials and process cost modeling where appropriate.
Our expertise can help you avoid pitfalls and delays, and get you on the right track for real service and product development gains.

“Imagine the Future. Imagine the Possibilities.”  Karan Sorensen

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