The Challenge

The impact of technological change is expanding at an unprecedented pace. Navigating the multitude of options, solutions, and strategies can be overwhelming and complex. It is critical to analyze and understand what most benefits your business. Sorensen Strategies technology consultants provide expertise at the intersection of business and technology.

About the company

Our Goal

Our goal is to demystify technology and make it work for you. We partner with you to define your technology needs, develop business-driven technology strategies, select and implement solutions within your budget, and explore new markets, products, services and business opportunities provided by new technology innovation.

Our Scope of Services

Information technology programs give you a competitive advantage in these highly competitive times." Karan Sorensen

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We Have Answers!

  • Big Data and Analytics
    How do I access, analyze and use data to gain insights, make faster and smarter decisions, gain competitive advantage, and achieve tangible results?
  • Social Media
    How do I harness the power of social media to promote and differentiate our company, brands, products and services? How do I use social media to effectively access and engage customers, introduce new products and services while gathering real-time feedback? What are the best social media strategies and tools for my business, market and customer base?
  • Cloud Computing
    To Cloud or not to Cloud, that is the question: help me understand what it is and how it could help my business?
  • Mobile
    There’s an App for that: how do I “mobilize” my business, employees, products and services to take advantage of the exponential growth and use of mobile devices?
  • Tele-Health
    I’m in healthcare, how do I integrate my products, services, data, online communities into the expanding world of health care?

Other Areas We Serve

  • IT Infrastructure and Networking
  • Financial, Human Resources and Business Support Systems
  • Manufacturing and Automation Systems
  • Marketing and Sales Systems